About Us


ABSH will encourage and support member schools as they fulfill the Standards of the
Association and model 21st century practices in education.


ABSH schools will be leaders in transforming Honduran education as it moves forward into
creating a 21st century school system.



The Association of Bilingual Schools of Honduras (ABSH) believes in a democratic,
pluralistic and multilingual society and THAT…

  • High quality education should be accessible to all.
  • By using the best teaching practices and incorporating 21st century skills with high
    educational standards, schools create citizens who will have the skills and attributes to be
    lifelong learners and future leaders.
  • Our schools should develop students with integrity, sportsmanship, and respect for others.
    High teacher quality is achieved through sharing, collaboration, and a comprehensive
    professional development program.
  • Service learning creates empathy, a sense of community, national identity and pride.

The History of the ABSH-Coming soon!

Did you know that the origins of the ABSH dates back to the 1970s? We are working on compiling information from the early years to share how this organization has evolved into its present day status.

The ABSH Logo

There is a map of Honduras with the green color representing land.  The stars represent the five stars of the Honduran Flag, which is a symbol of the five Central America nations: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.  The yellow, red, and blue stripes represent the activities of the ABSH: Academics, Sports, and Arts.  A special thanks to UNITEC for designing this logo.